What is RAM Anyway?

Just about everyone nowadays owns a computer. Inside of which are many parts. Each serves a specific purpose, which when all working together, allows your computer to run smoothly.

One of these parts is called RAM. RAM is actually an acronym which means Random Access Memory. This component serves as the temporary storage center of your computer, while it utilizes the information to perform tasks.

An easy was to understand this process is to compare it to cooking. When you cook you take out the ingredients from the fridge and pantry. The fridge and pantry are like the memory of the computer, or the hard drive. You, or the CPU (Central Processing Unit), take out the ingredients and lay them all out on the counter.

If you have a small amount of RAM or 4GB you have a very small counter and it is hard to find everything you need quickly. If you have a large amount of RAM or 16GB+ you have a large counter where everything is easily laid out in front of you.

You grab the ingredients and cook your meal just as the CPU takes the information bits it needs and runs the program.

In regards to how much RAM you need, that is a pretty easy question. If you plan to do something that requires a lot of processing power or graphical power such as gaming or graphic design, you should probably stay around the 16GB or 32GB mark.

If you only use your computer for word processing, you will probably be safe around the 8GB. I don’t recommend anyone go below 8GB as most modern programs require at least 8GB (many ask for 16GB).